Paper Bag I

Fergus Carmichael


  • Paper Bag I
  • Paper Bag I
  • Paper Bag I
  • Paper Bag I

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This is a Fine Art Print, printed on a heavy weight, Fuji Crystal DP II Paper behind a 2mm layer of matte acrylic glass that doesn't reflect and makes black even darker. All our prints are produced with special inks and paper that keep them bright and beautiful for a long time. The print comes with a magnetic mount ready to hang.

Size: 300x300mm 


Fergus Carmichael is a photographer that rejects rules and categorizations. He photographs impulsively, emotionally and enjoys being out of any control while doing so.

As he says - he simply photographs what is in front of him, but his work proves that he sees deeper than the most, captures the charm of the overlooked and the beauty of the irrelevant.  

It is homage to the unseen in all its wonderful absurdity and for that reason it is highly relevant to us. 


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