Nude No.2 Long

Laurie Franck


  • Nude No.2 Long
  • Nude No.2 Long
  • Nude No.2 Long

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A collaboration with photographer & handpoke tattoo artist Laurie Franck featuring a curvaceous form, inspired by a single-line drawing, at the end of a slim bar.

This earring is sold as a single. Add another one to your shopping card or mix and match with another style from the collection.

Hand-formed of gold filled wire.
Hangs on a delicate gold filled ball+post with friction closure.

3 ⅔ inches (9.3 cm) long.


Laurie Franck is a multitalented art-maker.

Whether she draws, tattoos or photographs, she stays true to her main fascination: the human body.

Depicted alone or erotically intertwined, Laurie‘s nudes melt into each other, loosing their beginnings and their ends and becoming a new entity, forever knotted in a power of an embrace.

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