Small V I

Andrea Forgacs


  • Small V I
  • Small V I

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'Vulvas' are meant to reappropriate and free of any insulting, shameful or negative meaning so I started a revolution to celebrate it! What makes these differently shaped and coloured beauties unique is that they are made in a punch needle embroidery technique - a detailed and demanding fabric decorating craft that I interpreted in my way.

The punch needle V`s are made from ecologically produces cotton yarn on linen. I trust my punch needle and the fabric so I don't fix the back with glue to keep it all natural and beautiful.

It will come as you see it ready to hang.Ø 130mm

Signed one of a kind 


Simplicity of Andrea Forgacs’ visual language is a fun twist to complexity of the topics she chooses to depict.

In her colorful illustrations issues as gender, body positivity and women empowerment are playfully understandable and still powerfully political. We are in love with this quality of her work and happy to have this power-woman by our side.

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