Dots 02

Janet Müller


This variant is currently sold out

This is an original art piece by Janet Müller
Size 185x245mm

Signed one of a kind 

Recommended Frame: Black Transparent Frame in A4.


Janet Müller is an absolute creator, an ever-moving explosion of ideas who works magic in black and white.  

Her open and playful mind sees artistic potential everywhere and succeeds to transform everyday objects in art. Whether through combination, decontextualization or tracing these objects are given another life, another meaning, another value and we, the observers have the honour to witness it happening.  

A big part of Janet’s work is making creative process visible, it is an invitation to observe or participate in the act of creating and a celebration of the importance to feel free to try, experiment and enjoy the making before the product.

In her hands the creative process elevates to the work of art itself.


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