Non-Profit Art Bag Fanny 1

Fanny Jemmely


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We are happy to see that the artist's recognisable visual elements - 'fluxes', are also very present on the bags she decorated. 


We Show Off is an art platform that is engaged in women issues and supports women in arts and other areas. In this project we collaborated with FIZ, Fachstelle Frauenhandel und Frauenmigration to show our support and raise awareness for their extremely important and urgent cause. In a specialized victim protection program FIZ gives affected persons comprehensive and individual support and accompaniment. The FIZ organizes secure accommodation and supports women to deal with the day to day life. Confidential and free of cost. To find our more about FIZ visit

The Art Bag Project is a collaboration between FIZ, We Show Off and our artists in which they were asked to use linen bags as canvases for their free artistic expressions. Silk Screen printed, painted, weaved or taken apart, these linen beach bags were converted into a one of a kind art piece. The final creations will be exhibited and offered for sale from 22nd of May, in our We Show Off gallery space at ZuHAUSE bis 2018.

All parties in these collaborations are supporting the cause and working Non-Profit so the entire proceeds collected on this occasion will be donated to FIZ and their cause.

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